To Aztlan Hegemony [PM]

The Aztlan representative is guarded carefully as he arrives, and is quickly moved to a room in the Parliament, which is promptly checked for any listening devices. After it is cleared the Canadian representative enters and says It is good that you came here, as I feel this meeting will be very productive. A war will soon come to this continent, there is no denying this. The two economic systems of this continent are too different to co-exist for long. And recently tensions have been getting worse. When the war comes Canada intends it to be from a position of strength. Given your enmity with the Caribbean you would likely be dragged in no matter what, so hopefully we can reach a mutually beneficial arrangement before this. He then pauses for a minute and says What I am about to tell you is confidential, so please do not let it become public knowledge. If you do we will of course deny it. Our spies in Qeubec have recently learned that the ties between them and the PRA are going stronger. They have sent representatives to many nations that are against us. The first representative was sent to Portugal, which is a very military nation right next to your close ally of Spain. Additionally ambassadors were sent to Quebec and Hawai. All of these nations are in a position to turn the tide of a war, Portugal by denying aid and the others by providing military help. It is clear that they will not let us live in peace. Therefore I propose that we plan a preliminary offensive to catch them off-guard. Should they be taken out quickly then we might be capable of crippling them, and forcing the other nations to stay out of it, lest they also face our wrath. Plans for this attack will be made at a later meeting. In return for your services the territory that formerly belonged to the PRC will be acknowledged as your by right of conquest, and should anyone dispute it we will stand with you to help solidify your claim. So what do you say to our proposal?