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    Default Re: [MLP FiM] Bridle Shores Out of character thread 6

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    Alright. Would be good if there were a few other ponies, just one or two.
    Quote Originally Posted by Soft Serve View Post
    Hey, everybody should have an irrational fear. I have an irrational fear of clowns and dolls.

    So, should he, or should I avoid traumatizing the foal?

    Boris isn't mean. He just wants belly rubs and swedish fish. Mommy Mystic won't give him enough money to buy that big bag of them in the sweet shop.
    He could just ask Heartflight, she'd do it.

    Also, if Heart's gonna get any info and do work on Sandy' condition, should she do it now in the time thread, or in the present after he finishes up with Gwyn? Or at another point in the time thread?
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    At this point Medi was convinced leadership was assigned through a substantial amount of alcohol and a dartboard.
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