Marlae, Maesyn, Aust, Zarien, Savin, Enemies, Kevrin, Mordium and Ryxikor

Marlae orders Maesyn to disarm the guard, moves next to the cleric (to Q15) and swings at Fembrys. The swing is perfect and is about to hit except that Fembrys dukes it at the last possible second.

Maesyn grabs the long swords that belong to the unconscious guards (ends up in K2). He implores Fembrys to surrender to stop the death counts.

Aust sides steps 5 feet (in L12) and unleashes an arrow at Fembrys. As he tries extra hard to avoid hitting Marlae, he misses his target.

Zarien comes out of the Petitioner’s Quarter, proud like a rooster. With his unique voice, he orders Fembrys to surrender.

Savin steps forward (in O16) but his wild swing attempt ends would be comical if the situation was not so serious. He misses so badly he nearly hits Marlae AND nearly loses his sword in the process. Fembrys laughs at him “ My grandmother hits harder than you, and she’s dead!.

Fembrys swings his mace and hit the armorless warrior. His taunting of Savin continues You leave your defenses wide open - like your mom leaves her legs.
Savin: -5HP – Currently at 16/39

Kevrin, fighting through his tears unleashes another round of energy darts at Fembrys “You! It is all your fault! You never care about us …. ” After that he falls to his knees, sobbing.

Mordium evaluates the situation and picks the side of the group wanting to stop the bloodshed. He move next to Fembry, flanking him with Savin (in Q16) and hits him with his dwarven axe but is extra careful not to give lethal damages to the Mystran.

Ryxikor moves behind Aust (in L11) and hits him with the pommel of his beautiful dagger. However, it is obvious that the intent is not to hurt him but to rend him unconscious. Aust yells “Help! There are more attacking!

Silence: 16/40
Shield on Zarien 10/40

Tonight I promise (Will try my best)