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He doesn't speak (Except wurm). The only reason Mystic can even understand him is a mental link.

Now, if Heartflight spontaneously turns into a wurm she could understand him, but nothing she can do otherwise.
No, no, that's Sandy's job.

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Heartflight? Is this (pony) the cast of who's going to the mare sleepover?

Since apparently, Soft isn't going, and Mystic most likely not.
Silvermane and Dawn Blossom, not Heartflight. Heartflight is going to the foal sleepover.

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What exactly do you have in mind for this? Doing more tests on him, talking it over with Icy, or something else entirely?
No, no tests (yet). Getting the information, formulating theories, perhaps berating Icy for her methods. Then going to the pocket dimension and analyzing the food there. (Though she may want to perform similar tests on Silverpine.... )