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    Alright... here are the "rules" for posting in the game thread (when it goes up). I'm not going to be too much of a hard-@$$ on most of these, but don't push it (especially on #1 and #3)!

    • 1. Do not post anything about killing or destroying anything. You post the action or the cause… I reply with the outcome or the effect! And don’t post something that makes a decision or action take place for another character (other than your Spartan and your AIs)!
    • 2. Post your die-rolls in a spoiler and include them in your post. Please read the thread on the coding for die rolls, if you do not already know how. You can find the thread here. Note that if you try and preview your post… your rolls will not work properly!
    • 3. All out of character chatter goes here. Please keep it out of the In-Game thread!
    • 4. When the communal AI talks to you, it will be in blue. If I choose to have any of your AIs speak it will be in a color that will be constant for their ‘character’ (chosen by you or me, whoever posts in their ‘voice’ first). Please stay with this color for them if you post anything said by them as well!
    • 5. All dialogue will be assumed to be broadcast to the team only. If you are speaking ‘aloud’ (aka broadcasting outside of your helmet), please put that part in bold type. If any speech appears in italics… whatever is said is heard only by the character indicated and not by the whole team; so please indicate who you are directing said dialogue towards.
    • 6. This game will contain elements of canon Halo lore smashed right up against things of my own design and/or b*llsh!t. Please just roll with it and try to have fun!
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