Savin becomes enflamed by Fembrys' remark, knowing that was what the priest wanted but unable to keep under control.
When your head sits on a pike outside this building, all shall know you for the cur you are! he yells as he sees the dwarven newcomer to the fight move to flank the priest. As the dwarf swings his axe at Fembrys, he uses the momentary distraction to try and sweep the priest legs out from under him.


AC ~16; Current ~ 12
HP ~ 39; Current ~ 16

Move Action ~

Standard Action ~
Improved Trip (touch attack) with longsword, +2 from flanking plus any bonuses

Opposed strength check

If successful, follow up attack, adding plus +4 to attack for him being prone (same as reducing his AC by 4)


Crit confirmation, as required