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    The elven warrior hesitates momentarily, then sighs to himself, wishing he hadn't attacked so quickly, he still holds his blade out towards the scarred elf, but takes a step back, away from his target. He glances over his shoulder to see a human aiming a crossbow at him. Ryxikor, an attractive elf with long black braided hair that hangs down his back, feels ashamed this human was able to flank him, he eases his stance and lowers his dagger slightly, "I am Ryxikor." he says, "I have been comissioned to track an elf by the name of Aust." he says as he looks back to the scarred elf, "And deliver him back to the Chondalwood." Ryx watches Aust's reaction when he mentions where he is to go. Afterwards, he looks back to the human, "Do you often travel with sorts like him?"
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