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    Night 2:

    The Rogue had once again slipped into the castle, this time with no specific target in mind. He had already taken out Mr. Giggles, perhaps the most dangerous of his foes. Who was left to oppose him?
    Hang on. There was one…
    No matter. The chances that they were still around were negligible. The Rogue noticed someone standing in a doorway, motioning him over. He looked around, and sensing that it wasn’t a trap, crept into the room.
    “I am in great danger helping you here. The King already suspects that I don’t truly follow him.”
    “Wait… you’re…”
    “Yes. The High Chancellor.”
    “Yes, I know who you are. At least, who you were.” He paused, then added, “Who you should have been.”
    “The King grows increasingly worried. I suspect that if one of his inner circle is removed, then he will not continue to take his chances staying inside the castle. I suggest you take one of them out tonight.”
    The Rogue cracked his knuckles. “My pleasure.”
    The Chancellor nodded, then produced a small map from inside his robes. “Sleeping arrangements are here… and here…” Suddenly his head snapped up, and he looked around cautiously. “Hold… We are being watched.”
    The Rogue looked around, seeing nothing. “Watched?”
    The Chancellor shook his head. “Yes, it is worse than I feared. Forgive me.” With that, he shoved The Rogue into the hallway, giving him a second to run. “Guards! Guards! The castle has been breached! Stop that man!”
    It took The Rogue only a split second to figure out what had happened. He nodded, then ran, straight for the front entrance. Luckily for him, the guards had been drinking that night, and they weren’t thinking straight. Only two guards stood near the door, the others two far away and too inebriated to pursue him. He ran towards the first guard, who was unable to respond fast enough to react, stabbing him in the gut. The guard shrieked with pain, and The Rogue pulled his dagger out of the gut, stabbing him again in the chest. By this point, the other guard had stood and pulled out a spear. The Rogue grabbed the first guard by the collar and smashed his head into the second guard’s. The impact was too much for the second guard, and he collapsed. The Rogue pulled his dagger again from the first guard, slitting his throat in the process. He sheathed the dagger, saying, “You’re lucky I’m nice. I could have let you suffer,” before running out into the night.
    One of the King's trusted heard the commotion and ran from his corridors. He noticed the second guard, who had tossed the body off of himself and stood shakily. He nabbed a potion from his belt, and handed it to the guard. "Drink this." The guard grabbed the potion and drank it, coughing and sputtering. The potionsmaker clapped him on the back, and he collapsed to the floor, dead. The potionsmaker looked around confusedly, then shook his head. "Might have made it a bit too strong."

    Back at the throne room, The Marauder knelt before The Corrupt King. “Sire. You were right in suspecting that The Chancellor is responsible for The Rogue’s repeated trips to the castle.”
    “Yes, I knew it. Rauchsten, the time has come for you to do what you do best.”
    “Yes, Sire. He will be marked before you know it.”

    Super dark was killed.

    01|Grue Bait||
    02|Zar Peter||
    03|Ramsus|Lynched Day 1|
    04|Super dark33|Killed Night 2|
    05|Bunny of Faith||
    06|Internet Flea|Killed Night 1|
    08|Gnomish Wanderer||
    11|The Grimmace|Lynched Day 2|
    15|Venetian Mask||
    21|Tom the Mime||
    24|Sir Ebonwolf||
    27|Gray Mage||
    29|The Crash Man||

    Day 3 Begins.
    It will end in approximately 72 hours, or when a majority of votes has been received.
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    Finally forced me into getting one of these.

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