Our thoughts to the letter Gnomish, from how we read into Grimm's post he sounded like he was saying he was the Marauder rather then a wolf. How does proclaiming that the king has died help a wolf the could impersonate the king? The Grimmace ≠ wolf, as far as we can reason.
So we all should do our best to never let the hangman choose the lunch ever again, or at the very least forcefully tell him/her who to choose.

How about a 'new' color to represent how you think the Hangman should go after? Orange to represent who you wish to be taken by the hangman with crossing (Orange) negating your 'point' as usual. The hangman can count right? Really not trying to be mean there.

Or will all that be for not? Did the hangman die do you think? Probably not. . .

Anyway let's continue from the other day and Point at Elemental to find what use a librarian has, role powers and all that jazz.