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Cannon contain does not work if you scout the forge first and put a drone on patrol at the ramp.
but now you've got one drone scouting, one drone morphing into your expo, and one drone patrolling the ramp, all while you're sitting at 12. The toss is going to pull ahead of you, see that you're fast expanding, and swap into proxy gate.

Also, yes, putting 3 or 4 pylons behind the mineral line into cannons is pretty ruthless, and requires some on-the-ball management to counter. That or you just swarm the toss base with your workers and a couple military units, because it's costing them 6-700 minerals to do.
If you can keep a couple workers out of range and stock up 400 minerals for when you're done, you can expand and mop up the cannons after. Makes for very short 1v1's, it's brutally effective in 2v2 tho. (Because your ally covers your butt from the counter)

Also: What's with people in 2v2 just giving up the second your opponents attack? Like "Oh, well. They got my expo. Guess I give up now."

If the enemy attacks your Expo, push into their main and kill workers/tech/pop. It's easy. I've had a number of allies ask me what I'm doing in the enemy base when the enemy is attacking me, the answer is "Winning". Maybe in high-level play you're screwed if the enemy pulls ahead, but in gold/silver/bronze? Come on.