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The fun bit is when you find where their overlord isn't sighting and drop a cannon so it finishes about the same time as their expo does. Or just wall it in with pylons behind their mineral line. So much fun to do that.
Yes, which is why probes doing sneaky things inside my base make me paranoid. Those sorts aren't undefeatable, but they are royal pains in the rear. I usually shift my overlord around to make sure he's sighting on that probe.

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but now you've got one drone scouting, one drone morphing into your expo, and one drone patrolling the ramp, all while you're sitting at 12. The toss is going to pull ahead of you, see that you're fast expanding, and swap into proxy gate.
The forge isn't going to be done until my pool is starting, so I have 15 drones, of which 1 is scouting and 1 makes a brief trip to keep my ramp to keep from getting cannoned. I am also Zerg, so I can devote 100% of my larva to drones if I want and he can't put on any early pressure due to his FFE. I'll take a short dip in my econ since I'll catch right back up in a minute or less.

Once my hatch finishes, there is no way a cannon rush can actually kill anything critical unless I let it. Firstly, because of creep spread quickly making it impossible to place cannons in critical locations. Secondly, because my pool finishes shortly thereafter and I will have spines and a few lings.

That proxy gate nonsense? I only send the drone to patrol the ramp if I see a forge or wierd probe behavior, so to proxy gate me he's gonna be very late with his first zealots. My spines will be up, I will have a queen (now with 5 range!) and some lings, and he'll be stuck with 2 gateways out in the middle of nowhere. I'm fine with that situation.