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Yes, which is why probes doing sneaky things inside my base make me paranoid. Those sorts aren't undefeatable, but they are royal pains in the rear. I usually shift my overlord around to make sure he's sighting on that probe.

The forge isn't going to be done until my pool is starting, so I have 15 drones, of which 1 is scouting and 1 makes a brief trip to keep my ramp to keep from getting cannoned. I am also Zerg, so I can devote 100% of my larva to drones if I want and he can't put on any early pressure due to his FFE. I'll take a short dip in my econ since I'll catch right back up in a minute or less.

Once my hatch finishes, there is no way a cannon rush can actually kill anything critical unless I let it. Firstly, because of creep spread quickly making it impossible to place cannons in critical locations. Secondly, because my pool finishes shortly thereafter and I will have spines and a few lings.

That proxy gate nonsense? I only send the drone to patrol the ramp if I see a forge or wierd probe behavior, so to proxy gate me he's gonna be very late with his first zealots. My spines will be up, I will have a queen (now with 5 range!) and some lings, and he'll be stuck with 2 gateways out in the middle of nowhere. I'm fine with that situation.
I was wanting to say something like this. But given that I'm:
1) Still gold
2) Haven't played in a while
3) Have not had any opponent do that strat to me
I felt like it would be unfair to try and defend that situation. But I thought that if they put down forge first, pool should be done before gate finishes.