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As she stalks through the woods seeking a worthy adversary, she'd best be on her guard. The hunters here come in all shapes and sizes. As she walks past a gnarled walnut tree, no different than any of the other's that grow within the forest, there's a slight stirring of the leaves, both those suspended in the canopy overhead and lying on the forest of floor.

A moment of stillness.

And then roots burst from the ground in an explosion of dirt and loam, seeking to wrap around the archer's feet and pull her to the ground.
Unfortunately for the Treant, it just unwittingly created a liminal. And, to make matters worse for the plant-monster, it's one Spreagadh can use; as a Leannan Sidhe, she's capable of tweening through The Space Between, the slight point of uncertainty about where Treant stops and ground starts being a perfect example of such a thing.

That done, and her now at a fair distance, she nocks an arrow, ready to let fly at whatever was responsible for the odd behavior of the tree as soon as she can tell what that is.