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As Wenomir makes his way through the swamp, a peculiar noise reaches him. It sounds like a sort of high-pitched wu-wuu-wu-wuu-wu-wuu, repeating over and over again. Judging by how much louder it's getting, it seems to be coming straight towards him.
In fact, soon enough a creature appears in the mists and haze of the swamp. It appears to be some sort of airborne fish. It has a long, round body, graceful fins that flow behind it like curtains, and a narrow and pointed nose.
Wenomir turns in the direction of the... flying fish? Well, they did say this place has every dangerous creature imaginable. He raises his sword in a defensive position and fixes his eyes on the creature, waiting for it to strike first.

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Hilly Plains

The brothers look up in time to see whatever it is, and they shift their stances, getting ready to dart away. They don't move just yet, needing to see what it is and which way it might head first.
The creature quite resembles a giant, flying manta ray, but I don't expect Pathfinder and Waterstrider have ever seen one. It appears to have a long, thin body that ends in a needle-thin tail with a nasty-looking barb, but widens at the head, which has two beady, black eyes and an extraordinarily wide mouth full of crooked teeth - easily big enough to swallow either of the Wolfen whole. It only has one pair of legs, located around the middle of the torso - they're short, but muscular and ending in claws that look well-suited to grabbing prey and clinging to rocks alike. From the thin body stretch massive, leathery wings, the span of which is easily twice as long as the monster's body.
Currently, it's swooping down upon the brothers, stretching its legs, seemingly intending to snatch them both.