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Didn't Thenadeir already drop his pistol?
Ah well.
Thenadeir twists in time to bust a cap in the rushing dinosaur's hide, but the beast's momentum carries it forward. Even as it leaps towards him, its expression twists into one of pain and agony. The explosion ripples inside it, displacing skin and causing it to bulge. With a breathless grunt, it lands on Thenadeir, gently smoking from its bullet-wound. The great beast goes limp on top of him, it's final exhale forming a pained "yoshiiiiiiiii."

Yay! Thenadeir killed a defenseless mother and her friends!
Thenadier carries many pistols. He's a bit of a paranoid guy, with good reason. He throws off the corpse without remorse. Those things would have killed him. They were a threat towards him and others, therefore needed to be eradicated immediately. Now he moves to cut open the yoshi's jaw with his hunting knife he had tucked into a boot. He frees his hand and cane/weapon/thingy and sets to work on using that bead to heal it. Except, oh noes! His bead was almost out of power! Thenadier uses what healing power he had left in that bead and discards it. He uses another bead on the magical healing necklace to finish healing the wounds. The man then roots around to cut out his rifle from the poor yoshi. There...he had his weapons. He then looks up through the trees and notices the dragon off in the desert through the use of his magical set of binoculars! Seems Thenadier didn't come unprepared. He heads off that way and should be at the dragon site in a few turns.