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"WAH!" the Yoshi cries in pain as he gets stabbed! Though he manages to raise one arm and block one of the beaks with a Buzzy Bracer, though other manages to gouge him in the neck. Despite the dinosaur's soft and somewhat cartoonish appearance his body proves to be amazingly tough. The attack bloodies him, sure, but it doesn't punch nearly as deep as one might expect the wound to.

He quickly tucks into a tight ball and rockets upward, aiming to smash into the faces of the Brute with his shell and continue forward racing across the sand toward the three apparent non-combatants!


This should leave him safely out of the reach of the Manic, at least for now.

The bruiser goes down like a sack of bricks at the blow, apparently finally succumbing to his injuries. Whether he's dead or unconscious is irrelevant, as he's most likely out of this fight for good.

As the yoshi approaches, the girl lays a hand on the charred and battered hermit, depriving herself of energy once more to heal him completely. The hermit stands up to meet the yoshi's charge! glowing green mushrooms under his skin give him strength comparable to the bruiser the yoshi just felled, and he's angling to slow the beast in its tracks for long enough for the trailing manic to catch up and grab hold.