The moment the yoshi reaches to grab the hermit's arm, everything about the battle so far shifts keel.

The hermit rapidly sheds his human form, becoming a wooden snake-like bug not dissimilar from the two headed bruiser. Its form blurs, splitting into two distinct images that dodge to either side of the blow and slip around the yoshi, leaving his momentum with nowhere to go except forwards. The manic youth and tiny robed girl also assume their true forms, turning into a bright orange and oily black bug-snake respectively.

The black one splits herself as well, one version moving over to the downed rogue and laying her forehead onto his back, refreshing him back to health while the other continues to rest from healing the wooden one. Every time a split occurs, one of the versions vanishes soon after their task is completed, which leaves just the wooden one on the yoshi's left and the oily one in front of him, along with the rapidly standing yellow, waxy looking one that was previously the downed rogue and the hyper-twitchy orange that has coiled and leapt at his back again, tail lashing forward to try and wrap tightly around his throat.

The manic creature extends its scythe towards the back of the yoshi's head, trying to pierce his skull in two simultaneous split strikes.