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    Yellow KNEW there was something wrong with these things! They might have looked like humans, but they certainly aren't! When the Hermit splits the yoshi uses the momentum he still has to drop into a roll, bouncing back to his feet again some distance forward. If the Manic had aimed at where Yellow was that might make pouncing him a little harder.

    Now they're all doing that double image thing. Just like those stupid Magi-Koopas. Well! This yoshi knows one way to deal with that trick!

    With a "bNOM!" Yellow lashes out his tongue at the leaping Manic in a bid to nom him to death!. Should the tongue hit anything solid it'll quickly yank the poor creature into Yellow's mouth for swallowing.

    And of course anything swallowed by a yoshi has its bio-mass absorbed in a fraction of a second. Getting eaten is almost certain death.


    If the tongue attack fails Manic's assault will strike true, bowling Yellow over backwards and wrapping a pair of tails around his neck. Though the claw attacks will be blocked by Yellow's Buzzy Bracers as he brings them up to guard his head.



    It would seem the explosion has attracted something!

    Something... large.

    And grey.

    And fuzzy.

    The monster is about eight feet tall and looks like someone took a human and a koala, shoved them through a sausage grinder, and then sewed the result back together inside a mix of human and koala hide. It's distorted, contorted, and tortured looking. And loping along toward the explosion in a fashion reminiscent of a gorilla.
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