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Art is art, is it not?
Oh, this is a can of worms. No, belay that. This is a veritable barrel of grass snakes, a hogshead of moray eels, a tun of piranhancondas. Is art just something beautiful, or does the technique used have bearing on it? I think it's a beautiful picture, as is the original photograph (model is Denise Milani, for the curious).

Digression: how much of photography is art, and how much is it recording and sharing? Is that an acceptable definition of art?

For me, though, the technique has to be taken into consideration. Speaking as a doodler, tracing raises my hackles because it is lazy. It doesn't help you to improve as an artist. It might help specific techniques (practice for inking, or something like that), but then you probably shouldn't be claiming it as your art. I checked Martixxx's page for the piece. If it had acknowledged the picture it used, I wouldn't have said anything. But this is misrepresenting something that is not your creation as such. Which would be a lie. And not the social lubricant type, either.

And now, back to the images:

^ Artist is Zarathul.

^ Artist is Pennae.

^ Artist is Kerembeyit.