Hilly Plains

Waterstrider dives out of the way, on the backside of the hill to make it harder for the creature to try and grab him, but his brother stays standing just a bit longer to dig the butt of his spear into the earth first. He'll wait until the last possible moment before leaping aside, hopefully making the massive creature stab its foot on the spear.


The woman considers the elf carefully, looking her over. While she wore lighter armor, that first shot meant she was quite skilled and would be quicker. The initial burst had been just to close the distance, and she wouldn't be able to do such a thing again for a while. Even so, with Michicora's bow put away, the best thing she could try to do was rush her, but that meant getting within reach of the elf's blade. Unless...

With a slight smile, the armored woman shifts her stance, taking her sword in a one handed grip and leveling it horizontally at the height of her chest. She shifts her left foot behind her and bends her front leg. Her other hand rests gently on the blade a couple feet in front of her main body, and without a sound, she lunges forward, intending to stab Michicora as quickly as possible.

The woman isn't as quick as before, but she's still fast for someone in that sort of armor.