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It is, very definitely, a freakin' dinosaur. The tyrannosaurus rex's big nostrils flare as it shuffles slowly another few steps forward. Even moving so slowly and lightly, the tree Jaren's hiding in still trembles at its steps. Making low pitched huffing and chuffing sounds to itself, the dinosaur's big head roams up and down, back and forth, as it tries to sniff out the location of its prey.

Jaren might have to take things into his own hands. The longer he stays in one spot the more likely the t-rex is to sniff him out. And there's no way that can end well.
Jaren shakes his head in disbelief.
"Sure are a lot more intimidating in real life than in the movies."

He grips his sword in both hands and hurls himself out of the tree down at the T-Rex, aiming a strike at the beast's head. As he falls through the air he thumbs a button on the hilt, and the razor-sharp blade of the sword crackles with electricity.