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Hilly Plains

Waterstrider dives out of the way, on the backside of the hill to make it harder for the creature to try and grab him, but his brother stays standing just a bit longer to dig the butt of his spear into the earth first. He'll wait until the last possible moment before leaping aside, hopefully making the massive creature stab its foot on the spear.
The latawiec heads for Pathfinder, ignoring his fleeing brother. It seems the creature has a simple, bird-like mind that focuses on the nearest prey. As it swoops down on the wolfen, it's surprised by his manuever... it tries to move its foot out of the way, but not quite quickly enough. The spear pierces its foot and it gives out a shrill, high-pitched shriek. It immediately beats its wings - creating a poweful gust of wind that might even knock the wolfen brothers off their feet - and takes to the air again. However, it doesn't rise immediately, giving the wolfen a moment to strike if they want to.

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The fish fly-swims a few metres closer, before turning to the right and beginning to circle around Wenomir. It eyes him with one beady blue eye, more curious than hostile. The circle is wide and almost lazy, the fish's elegant fins draping out behind it like a noblewoman's dress as as it dips through the air.

On it's second circle, the fish makes a high-pitched cooing sound, the kind of sound a curious bird might make. It starts out low and soft, but quickly grows louder and higher-pitched. The sound grows louder and louder, higher and higher, until it's so loud and high-pitched that it is physically painful to listen to.
Wenomir gnashes his teeth and quickly decides waiting's not an option. He breaks into a swift run, trying to reach the flying fish, then aim a fast overhead slash at it.