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Thread: PF Domain/Deity Match-up Quick Reference

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chained Birds View Post
    the SRD simply links you to the deities individually. This would have been extremely helpful last weak when I was scouring every deity trying to find which ones host the Madness domain
    I too dislike the current PFSRD setup.
    Which is why I compiled this stupid listing in the first place.
    And then, since I had done most of the work, I decided I may as well post it, figured others would be annoyed too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chained Birds View Post
    Are you going to do a Sub-Domain one too, or do Sub-Domains automatically attach onto the deity with the Primary Domain?
    I believe Sub-Domains must be assigned like regular domains.
    And I haven't decided if I'm going to do a listing for those yet...
    Partially because, due to the nature of Sub-Domains, there are at least twice as many as there are reg-Domains.

    Any suggestions on table arrangement? Other Domain-related things it should reference?
    I also thought of doing a spreadsheet-like table where you'd be able to tell which domains can be paired up or not, but given how "simple" it is to format tables in the forum... I think I'll pass. It would also be a pain to read, as there are 35 domains (595 yes/no pairings if you're wondering).
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