My own images now. I did a Crypt Chanter and an Arcane Ooze.

You know what's something I don't like? When I spend forever and ever in my sketchbook and in photoshop trying to design and lay out a particular monster and just can't get in right, then you just give up on in to do another monster and you knock out a satisfying image in five hours. It's a little bit frustrating.

It's what happened with the Crypt Chanter, where I was originally trying to draw a hopping vampire but just couldn't get it to look right on the page. I didn't want to be late again so I drew a group of singing wraiths. It took me about three hours from start to finish. I'd been working on the hopping vampire for at least three days. Them's the breaks.

I set out doing the Arcane Ooze as a bit of a challenge to myself. Becuase while oozes are easy to draw, they're hard to design. There's only so many different ways you can draw a blob. And to just do a blo and change the colour seemed a little bit lazy.