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    Apologies for the double post, but I wanted to keep my replies from the previous thread out of the leader post for this one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Avilan the Grey View Post
    All true.
    But I still don't think he is doing the right thing, and I fail to see what "evil" the Empire has done.
    That's fine since Ulfric has a very polarising ideology. I haven't done the Stormcloak side yet to get the other side of the story, so I'll reserve judgement on what he's doing is right.

    On the surface of it from an Imperial perspective, he's got some justification for the cultural invasion aspect, especially from the various conversations between Legate Rikke and General Tulius.

    Quote Originally Posted by VanBuren View Post
    Yeah, I'm never gonna be able to get behind racism, even fantasy racism.
    On a personal level, I agree with you.

    On a more pragmatic level, as long as their personal views don't interfer with their duties or affect their policies, does it really matter?

    Ulfric is unquestionably prejudiced, but thus far it seems to be limited to neglect of the Grey Elves living in Windhelm, something that his steward appears to be trying to rectify on the quiet.
    Compared to what he could be doing to purge Skyrim of all foreigners, it's probably the best that they could hope for (still doesn't make it right though).

    Quote Originally Posted by Avilan the Grey View Post
    I agree with this too; Basically all of the Imperial-backed ones are better at their job and / or better people than the Stormcloak-backed ones.
    Generally I agree, but I loathe Maven Black-Briar.

    I was really disappointed when I found out you couldn't disband the thieves guild and hence a significant portion of Maven's powerbase.
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