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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry576 View Post
    Ulfric is kind of a jerk.
    I disagree, he's not kind of a jerk, he is a jerk.

    It still doesn't detract from his stated aims though.

    Edit: sorry, I felt I should clarify. When you're involved in statecraft with the stakes as high as depicted (the control of the entire province of Skyrim, the defence of your culture from Imperial culturalism, not to mention the lives of all your soldiers), you generally don't have the leeway to be nice.

    You have to make the hard decisions and if it involves sending your best soldier to attack their home city where they hold a position of power and respect, then you do it.
    As a side effect, you're testing their loyalty, both to you and your cause, so while I agree it's a bit of a [redacted] move, it's a necessary one.

    Out of curiousity, has much been made of Ulfric's military background in that he's got a very black and white view of the political situation?
    Terry576's comments on his orders to attack the city as part of the Stormcloak questline, sounds like it since he's pretty much telling you to pick a side once and for all.

    If the game were more complex (or a PnP RPG), then you could use your influence as Thane on the Jarl to surrender the city so that people wouldn't have to suffer, making sure you get a couple nice compromises/clauses into the settlement especially with retaining full control over the city.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheEmerged View Post
    Also, I have to say one of the Markarth quests triggered a squick ("Ewwwwww....") factor for me. I already knew from previous experience with this game series that most of the Daedric artifact quests wouldn't be for me but... I got into this one without realizing it was a Daedric quest. I figured it was just another kill-the-undead-in-the-tomb thing. Thankfully the NPC was killable when I went to the second stage, so I got that out of my system
    I was playing an Argonian so that quest was perfectly fitting (I was wondering why I wasn't doing it in the first place - what else are you going to do with your 50% disease resistance and fast healing rate ).

    There's only two bits that depress me in the game:

    The lighthouse section with finding out what happened to the family, hoping you'd find one of them alive, then getting to the end where the daughter has committed suicide so she wouldn't be fed alive to those insects and the remains of the father inside one of them.
    That pretty much cemented my dislike of Falmer and I will take the time out to hunt down and kill everyone of those little [redacted] every time I go into a Dwarvern ruin.

    The other was when you're getting back inside the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary during the raid and you noticed they've killed Babette's pet spider.
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