Marlae, Maesyn, Aust, Zarien, Savin, Enemies, Kevrin, Mordium and Ryxikor

Marlae sidesteps (in P15) and swings but it is a very poor swing which does not even come close to Fembrys.

Maesyn is surprise as the elf hits Aust on the head. He is not sure who or why but ready himself to help the wood elf.

Aust steps back (M13) and raises and aims his loaded bow at Ryxikor. “What the heck man? Why are you doing this and who are you?” If Ryxikor does any act that can be perceived as hostile he will let his arrow fly.

Zarien moves closer to Ryxikor (in L6) and is ready to use his crossbow but the elf does not look like a Mystran so the wizard is a little confused and asks for an explanation.

Savin uses his long sword with expertise to trip Fembrys. The Mystran falls face first on the ground, covering it with what appears to be dead bugs and rats dropping. The warrior hits the prone cleric with his sword, cutting through armor and muscle.

Fembrys stands up and all 3 heroes, Marlae, Savin and Mordium attack him at the same time with the goal of incapacitating him. Savin and Marlae miss as they are too careful but the newcomer dwarf hits him hard with the flat of his one on Fembrys’ head. The Mystra looks at Mordium with a surprised looked but his eyes roll over in his head and he falls to the ground unconscious.

Ryxikor explains why he attacked Aust. The wood elf replies. “Why? What is it for you? I did not do anything wrong.”

Sense motive DC15 – Aust looks really nervous as if he did something wrong.

Kevrin goes toward the body of Shan Thar. On his way he wakes up the sleeping guard and tells them that treachery has occurred. The guards go to their quarters, pick up their stuff and go. Kevrin kneels by Shan Thar and hugs the dead man “Why oh why old friends? Why did you do this? Did our night long discussion over wine did not mean anything to you?”

Combat is over! Well done! It was long but it gave all a sense of each other as a player and we got to live and enemy die by the will of the dice. And some good strategy. As the combat phase is over, you can do multiple post during the day or list several actions. I will try to update during the day as much as I can. XP will be posted later.