Welp. I've been procrastinating/forgetting about this post for quite long enough:

This Saturday, I'm leaving to study abroad in Japan. And I won't come back to the States until October. While this is awesome and all, it leaves my internet activities in a bit of a lurch. Thankfully, the house we'll be staying at does have internet, so no cafe-hopping for me, and I'll have my laptop. And while I'll likely lack the time to keep up with ponythread proper, I think the RPs are a different story.

What's basically going to happen is two things; 1) My "active" posting time is going to shift over by about 13 hours. 2) My "active" posting time is going to get much, much smaller. I'm going to try and get a set of posts out in the morning when I wake up, and another in the evening. More than that, I can't really promise. So my presence in this and the grimdark RP is going to shrink dramatically. Or at least, that's what I suspect. It may turn out that won't happen at all, I have no idea about how any of this mess is going to work once I'm over there. Either way, I'm going to try and keep out of any major roles in major events, and keep Sandy and Garion in minor roles as much as I can. I enjoy these RPs very much, and I hope to keep at least a minimal level of involvement while I'm away.

tl,dr: Going away to Japan for five months, posting rate will likely decrease, but you're not getting rid of me that easily.