One would question why you'd join a group like that in the first place, but that wasn't terribly diplomatic to say. Still, everyone else had essentially said the bulk of what needed to be said.

"Not to mention, a life constantly in fear that Stradford will hurt your family for any error is only barely a life at all. At any time, things can go wrong - if you got away today, what would happen tommorrow? The next day? How many days can your families end up on the line before things change?"

He shook his head. "In addition... if you were to, in fact, die, then he might then utilize your family as an example to others for failure. The root of the problem is more focal."

Zon was, among other things, more than a little bothered at the ideas Douglas was suggesting - he hadn't thought of them. Truse did not share Douglas' opinions on the bandits, and kept himself braced, but not advancing.


Perception: (1d20+6)[20]