The worry on Aust's face and the shakyness in his voice is enough for Ryxikor to know he has the right elf, and th accusations may just be true. Holding the drow dagger firm in his right hand, Ryx brings his open empty left hand up slowly, and slowly lowering it, saying "Aust lower your weapon, quiver your arrow." as he eases back away from the other elf another step, until he relinquishes his weapon.

Turning to he crossbow weilder, the new tries to explain the situation, "Good man, I am a taveler, an adventurer, at the moment part time guard or mercenary." he says with a wry smile as he considers his situation. With a nod of his head, he continues, "A few years back me and my companions were traveling through the Chondalwood, we were beset by goblins, we wiped most of the vermin out but noticed we had some help. We noticed many elven arrows that came from the forest, with fletchlings I did not know. A scouting party from I believe to be the largest clan of wood elves in the Chondalwood had helped out with some of the battle. They took us to their camp, then the next day their village. During our short stay, I was pulled away for a few hours by one of the village elders, he turned out to be the patriarch of the entire clan."

Ryx hesitates momentarily, glances at Aust, to see if he lowers his bow at any time, "During this time it was explained to me how this piece of dung raped a girl and made her pregnant, before facing any inquiry he ran."

The elven warrior looks to the crossbow weilder, "I'm not the only elf on this mission." he says a-matter-a-factly, "From what I understand, any traveling elves that came through the Chondalwood, and came in contact with this clan were presented with this contract. He wants Aust very badly." Ryx eyes the bolt resting on the crossbow, with the taught string ready to let fly, "Alive."he finishes.

Once Aust lowers his weapon or is disarmed, Ryxikor sheaths his dagger. "I'm sure there is someone in this temple of Mystra who could tell if I am lying. But cast your spells on him, not me." he says with his almost sinister smile.