Moradiun takes his rope and tie the unconcious Fembrys.

Savin goes to see Kevrin. The sorcerer reeks of wine. He looks at Savin. "I want to bury him in the cemetery. I do not know why he acted this way but he deserves to rest in peace." He gets and starts carrying the body outside.

Zarien, sensing Aust is not what he supposed to be, points his crossbow towards the wood elf.

Maesyn tries to defuse the tension to avoid more unnecessary blood shed. He reminds the group that there still a lot of unanswered questions.

Ryxikor explains why he is here and going after Aust.

The wood elf looks left, right and seems to be making ready for a run but Ryxikor behavior convinces him other wise. "Listen, it was not a rape. She was just playing hard to get. It was the fault to that darn dwarf spirit. We drank too much and it was the spring festival. We all know it was a time for party and get close. Come on man, I am too young to be a dad. I am only 93. Just let me go, brother. You understand my situation. I am too young to be tied down. Just let me go ..... "