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The wood elf looks left, right and seems to be making ready for a run but Ryxikor behavior convinces him other wise. "Listen, it was not a rape. She was just playing hard to get. It was the fault to that darn dwarf spirit. We drank too much and it was the spring festival. We all know it was a time for party and get close. Come on man, I am too young to be a dad. I am only 93. Just let me go, brother. You understand my situation. I am too young to be tied down. Just let me go ..... "
Zarien lowers his crossbow, but his eyes are still aflame with dreadful wrath. He takes a hurried step forgetting all about his weapon, now put away. "You are a ****ing coward, elf." The wizard is practically a tomato, so red it's even comical. He doesn't say another word, but something in the way he is looking at Aust resembles a big predator looking at his small prey.