The fight over, Marlae smiles in thanks to the dwarf. "Thank you sir dwarf. I was worried you were a foe joining the fray. I was called upon to assist three adventurers in discovering whether this temple was committing blasphemy of Mystra's name. "

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Mordiun sheaths his weapons as he goes down his knees and removes his backpack and start to tie down the priest with his hemped rope.

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"Human priests and there religious wars" he mumbles.

"Following a different good natured god isn't reason enough to kill each other."

he looks up to the Lathander priestess "I am glad you came to your senses, lass"

Marlae assists with stripping Fembrys of his belongings and tying him up. Her bright disposition fades somewhat at the dwarf's last words. "I was always in control of my senses sir. Had I not seen the reaction of these priests with mine own eyes, I favoured simple discourse between the priests and their accuser. When they chose arms and slander when given the possibility for my yielding, I knew then that force of arms would need win the day."