"Indeed," Maesyn says to Marlae as the group comes together, "and quite forceful arms they are, too. Believe me, sir Dwarf, we tried every peaceful means of resolution we could devise -- and then some."

"Aust, whatever you've done is your business," the Bard states. "As far as I'm concerned, you've earned your share of Tunaster's reward, but I'm afraid it will be some time before we can redeem his note. Your path from here is up to you."

Maesyn casts a worried glance toward the door where Kevrin just exited with Shan Thar's corpse. "Ought one of us go with the wizard to make sure nothing happens, either to him or to the false priest's body?"

He also spots the dead guard by the door. After Maesyn had been stunned by Shan Thar's spell, his summoned celestial canine had eviscerated the unfortunate guard. "Marlae, might there be anything that could be done for the poor guard who was attacked by my dog? At the very least, a prayer for his soul?"

Maesyn Silverhair