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    Zarien's anger at the wood elf is obvious. Although he stops pointing the crossbow, he is still not happy with the elf and insults him.

    Aust looks at him "Listen fat, smelly old man. She wanted it. She was all teased, OK. She asked for it. It is not my fault if she did not drink her moon tea and then accused me to cover her shame."

    He turns toward Ryxikor "Listen Brother, you are not going to let human influenced you, aren't you? Listen, man, we had a lot of fun but then she forgot to drink her moon tea and because of her father, she blamed me. I am totally innocent. Plus how do I know the kid is mine? "

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the temple, Marlae clarifies the situation with Mordiun. As Fembrys is tied up, they take an inventory of this possessions: a full plate armorm a heavy mace, 7 chakrans, a cloak, a featureless silver disc hangingfrom a simple silver chain he had around his neck, a potion, a scroll and 3 keys.

    Kevrin, carrying Shan Thar, is moving toward the door located in X20.

    Maesyn backs up Marlae story and provides more details for the dwarf. He suggests someone follows Kevrin and asks Marlae to pray for the unfortunate dead guard.
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