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Thread: Thy Fearful Symmetry - Dark Heresy (OOC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Etcetera
    IIRC they were errata'd as AP 2 a while back.
    Quote Originally Posted by Destro
    They weren't. Or at least, it's not in the official errata document printed on FFG's website.
    A google search reveals that we arenít the only ones talking about this.

    Some interesting food for thought in those discussions. Iíd never really noticed it before, but there are some good arguments for a houseruled firebomb fix.




    Vyresí crew members are going to retreat into the corner. Theyíre safe there.

    The Heavy isnít done shooting at Grum. Full auto!

    (1d100)[30] (BS 28, +20 for full auto, +10 for short range, +10 for Hulking [forgot that last time]) - 4 hits
    Dodge - (1d100)[75] (untrained) - failed
    Damage - (1d10+5)[8], (1d10+5)[13], (1d10+5)[13], (1d10+5)[10] - 12 wounds after soak

    Thrax draws his chainsword (half action) and takes a half move back towards the wall, guarding Lazerus and Rabilas in their retreat.

    Simeon also runs for the door. Again, Tychon/Jericus/Nova can decide whether or not to let him through as a free Ďactioní Ė if you do, heíll flip to just behind you on the map.

    The Gangers Ė letís start with the ones in the roof.

    The one that Tychon was shooting at has one hell of a full auto target in the doorway now. He fires on Tychon at full auto. Tychon and Nova have cover worth 7 AP from the doors, on all locations bar their heads and right(Tychon)/left(Nova) arms.

    (1d100)[64] (+30) - total miss-cakes
    Dodge - (1d100)[75]
    Damage - (1d10+3)[8]
    Any additional hits heíll spread evenly among Simeon, Nova and Tychon (in that order). Iíll roll them when I see what this has come up with.

    The rightmost ceiling ganger opens up on full auto on the handler he injured before:
    (1d100)[10] (+30) - hits five times
    Dodge - (1d100)[54] - failed
    Damage - (1d10+3)[5], (1d10+3)[12], (1d10+3)[4], (1d10+3)[6] - kills without needing the fifth damage roll.

    The leftmost ceiling ganger fires on full auto at Grum and his group.
    (1d100)[61] (+40) - hits once
    Dodge - (1d100)[12] (untrained) Ė if Grum hasnít already used it.
    (1d10+3)[12] - 4 wounds
    Again, further rolls for spreading these hits when I see how many there need to be.

    On to the gangers on the ground. The one on Millieís right uses Suppressive Fire on the two Beast House handlers right near him.

    Pinning checks for the handlers: (1d100)[42], (1d100)[63] - both failed
    BS test for Suppressive Fire: (1d100)[93] (-10) - no hits
    Damage - (1d10+3)[8], (1d10+3)[12]

    The two on Millieís left both fire on full auto at Grum.
    (1d100)[84] (+40) - missed
    (1d10+3)[13], (1d10+3)[13], (1d10+3)[9], (1d10+3)[13]
    (1d100)[49] (+40) - hits twice
    (1d10+3)[11], (1d10+3)[10], (1d10+3)[12], (1d10+3)[13] - does 5 wounds. Grum's still not in criticals.