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Thread: Thy Fearful Symmetry - Dark Heresy (OOC)

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    Let’s continue!

    Rabilas runs for the door. Again, your choice about whether to let him through – you guys are building up quite the queue.

    Vyres seeks cover behind the stage.

    The Constantine Representative gets up and starts walking calmly towards the main door.

    Grum... smash.

    Grum cares not for chairs, and charges the ganger furthest on Millie’s left. Phipps and Norton test Ag not to be knocked down as he passes:
    Phipps - (1d100)[42] - failed
    Norton - (1d100)[36] - failed

    Attack - (1d100)[43] - hit (body)
    Dodge - (1d100)[38] - nope
    Damage - (1d5+9)[12] - 8 wounds
    Shocking - (1d100)[86] - he's at +40 for his flak vest, but he still fails. Stunned for 4 rounds.