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    Becoming frustrating with how uncoparative this goon is becoming John goes back into the air. WE ARE THE BEST CHANCE YOU HAVE! He shouts at the goon. Then out of the corner of his eye he sees 3 little heads floating up from under ground NOW, I'll give you something to fear. he says as he flies to a position that he can shoot all three heads with thunderbolt and not hit any allies.

    Eat lightning! he says as he fires the thunder bolt at the heads.

    If possible intimidation check against goon
    [rollv]1d20[/roll] See OOC


    uses thunderbolt on the heads. I have a flight speed on 9(my constitution modifier.

    thunderbolt accuracy (1d20)[15](15) acc of 2
    thunderbolt damage (4d12+17)[12][10][12][5](56)+9( my special attack stat(aka my con modifier again))

    Thunder bolt
    Special Attack - Ranged (7)
    Thunderbolt creates a Column 1 meter wide. Thunderbolt Paralyzes all Legal Targets on 19-20 during Accuracy Check.
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