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    Default Re: [MLP FiM] Bridle Shores Out of character thread 6

    Quote Originally Posted by TheAmishPirate View Post
    Garion gave a little nervous wave at the new colt. It was weird, seeing another colt, especially one with his mane done all messy. Weren't gentlecolts supposed to keep those tidy?

    Actually, Pyrite's mane is super neat and stylish, because he wants to be a guy who sells you things, and in his head, guys who sell you things look neat and crisp and stylish and have very white teeth. His bio even mentions he takes care with his mane and tail styling.

    Anyway, I'm off to bed. Starting tommorow I'll be out of town until Sunday, and I don't exactly know what the internet is like at my destination, so please take it easy and slow where I am for a bit, OK? Don't leave me too far behind.
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    I... wow. I feel like I'm in the presence of royalty. The LP Goddess herself has graced this thread with her presence. I just... what...