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Thread: Thy Fearful Symmetry - Dark Heresy (OOC)

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    Hi, Malachite! Good to see you again.

    Ah well, too late now.
    I'm still waiting on Jericus and Tauron. If Than wants to change his actions, I'll be OK with it until they post: he's getting no new information from me, and is isolated from the rest of your decisions, after all.

    On the subject of firebombs: I think AP0 is completely appropriate for something that costs 5 thrones, and is described as basically being a Molotov cocktail (and so probably using any kind of flammable fuel rather than the weapons-grade promethium in flamers). If the target catches fire, the burning damage will ignore their armour. I also think that the guys in the FFG threads have got the right idea in saying that fire bombs should not be launchable from grenade launchers.

    The gangers hanging from the vents are being held up by purpose-made harnesses. If you imagine a rock-climbing harness, something like that.