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Thread: Thy Fearful Symmetry - Dark Heresy (OOC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LCP View Post
    On the subject of firebombs: I think AP0 is completely appropriate for something that costs 5 thrones, and is described as basically being a Molotov cocktail (and so probably using any kind of flammable fuel rather than the weapons-grade promethium in flamers). If the target catches fire, the burning damage will ignore their armour. I also think that the guys in the FFG threads have got the right idea in saying that fire bombs should not be launchable from grenade launchers.
    We've been treating them like most other grenades up until this point - puling pins, and not lighting fuses, for instance, which is why I didn't think twice about appending "Launcher-style" to them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Destro_Yersul View Post
    I respectfully disagree, but I'm not the one making the decisions. Looks like Red will have to invest in Thermal Grenades.
    Ugh, every single part of that statline is statistically worse than the Firebomb's.
    Except for Range and Damage, which are the exact same.
    There is no reason anybody ever would want to go for Thermals over molotov cocktails.
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