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Thread: Thy Fearful Symmetry - Dark Heresy (OOC)

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    Gonna try to do as many rolls as possible in one post. Donít like flooding the thread with quintuple posts, I look back and all I see is my own username.

    Rhodesí Dodge: (1d100)[16] - manages to dodge the first shot! No way he escapes the second or third, though. Ends up taking a +1 crit to the bod: he can only take a Half Action next turn.

    The Men In Black

    The foremost squad members readies a Photon Flash grenade (half action) and throws it as far as he can (9m straight forward)

    BS 40, no modifiers: (1d100)[75] - failed, scatter ahoy.
    Potential scatter: (1d10)[3], (1d5)[2] - bounces into the wall. No movement.

    Red takes a Toughness test not to be blinded by the flash. (1d100)[42] - failed.
    Octavian has no such bonus: (1d100)[100] - super-failed.
    The kill-teamsí masks have got some fancy gubbins built in and they do not need to test at all.

    The second squad member takes a Half Move forwards and fires single shot at Red.

    BS 40, +10 short range, +10 RDS: (1d100)[94]
    Damage: (1d10+4)[11] (Pen 7)

    The third squad member has a clear line from where he stands, and fires on semi-auto.

    BS40, +10 short range (just), +10 semi-auto: (1d100)[80]
    Damage: (1d10+4)[8], (1d10+4)[11], (1d10+4)[7]

    The fourth and fifth squad members repeat their chumís move-and-fire manoeuvre.

    BS 40, +10 short range, +10 RDS: (1d100)[78]
    Damage: (1d10+4)[9]
    BS 40, +10 short range, +10 RDS: (1d100)[99]
    Damage: (1d10+4)[9]

    Redís Dodge, to be used against the first hit: (1d100)[37]

    All the hellguns miss! Some kill-team.

    If heís still capable, Rhodes tests WP to act: (1d100)[27] - passes
    If he passes, he attempts to beat out the flames in his clothes: (1d100)[46]
    He can only take a half action, so he can't do this. And he's blind, so he can't shoot Red either. He settles for taking a half move backwards, and since he's blind, his half move is itself halved.

    Millie backs off a little (half move), and self-administers a dose of something fun. Its effects will last for (1d5)[4] hours. Using Quick Draw, she puts away the Tranter and readies her Chain Knife, and a regular knife in the other hand.

    Phipps is not getting paid to fight gangers, and takes a half move backwards following Eustacia. He takes another single shot at Ceiling Ganger.

    Effective BS50: (1d100)[57] - missed

    The Auctioneer is in a bad way, and ducks under the stage. He has to bend double to do so, so can only scuttle using half moves, but emerges on the other side to find cover and fires up his own comms. (NB: I have just realised that as an NPC, Millie should not have been able to score Righteous Fury. I'll set his wound total back to what it should be and remove the fatigue from the crit.)

    Eustacia isnít going anywhere.


    Vyresí crew stay down.

    The Heavy thinks that the lone Beast House handler who is running forwards looks like a fun target, and fires on full auto at him.

    Effective BS 58 (short range, full auto): (1d100)[95] - what a miss.
    Dodge: (1d100)[74]
    Damage rolls: (1d10+5)[15], (1d10+5)[12], (1d10+5)[15], (1d10+5)[15], (1d10+5)[6]

    Thrax takes a half move towards the main door, following Norton (youíll see what he does)

    Simeon doesnít care what some fancy-pants Mr Kastor says and pushes right past you, turning the corner and running in the opposite direction from Red and his new friends.

    The Gangers now each have only 10 rounds left in their autogun clips. They donít care!

    Presuming Phipps didnít kill him, Ceiling Ganger at the back tries to kill Phipps right back. He fires full auto.

    (1d100)[39] (effective BS 58) - hits twice
    Phippsí Dodge: (1d100)[89]
    (1d10+3)[5], (1d10+3)[7], (1d10+3)[6], (1d10+3)[4], (1d10+3)[8]
    Phipps has got a fancy bodyglove, so after soak that comes to a grand total of one wound.
    The ganger's clip is now empty.

    The dangling ganger at front left fires at the wounded handler behind the cover of the glasswolf cages, on semi-auto. The cages offer 5 AP of cover to the handlerís legs.
    (1d100)[27] (effective BS 48) - hits twice
    Dodge: (1d100)[1] - dodges twice!
    (1d10+3)[4], (1d10+3)[8], (1d10+3)[13]
    The ganger has 7 rounds left in his clip.

    The dangling ganger at front right fires at the Beast House handler sheltering behind the Ambull cage, again on semi-auto. From his angle, the cage offers no cover.
    (1d100)[31] (effective BS 48) - hits once
    Dodge: (1d100)[97] - failed
    (1d10+3)[5], (1d10+3)[10], (1d10+3)[5] - 1 wound.
    He has 7 rounds left in his clip.

    On the ground, Grumís ganger is stunned. The two gangers adjacent to Millie are a little concerned about the Ogryn bearing down on them.

    The first of them takes a half move back, so that his back is to the wall, and takes a single shot at Grum.
    (1d100)[16] (effective BS 48, firing into melee for -20 = 28, with up to 48 hitting the stunned ganger) - hits
    (1d10+3)[6] - soaked.

    The second, who was not quite as close to begin with, stands his ground and fires on full auto.
    (1d100)[41] (effective BS 58, firing into melee for -20 = 38, with up to 58 hitting the stunned ganger) - one hit to the stunned guy, one hit to Grum (we ought to split them evenly)
    (1d10+3)[7] - stunned guy takes 4 wounds, which is a +2 crit to the right arm. 1 level of fatigue.
    Forgot additional damage rolls so the roll against Grum is in the post below.

    Grumís Ďdodgeí: (1d100)[25] - failed

    Rabilas stays put, not liking the sound of guns.

    Vyres takes a half move behind the cover of the generator, and readies his laspistol.

    The Constantine Representative keeps walking.

    Assuming he is still alive, Grum wades forwards past his stunned victim. He wants to get to the guys who are shooting him, but Millie is in the way. Half move, Standard Attack.

    (1d100)[18] vs. WS 33 - hit!
    Millieís Dodge: (1d100)[95] - failed!
    (1d5+9)[11] - 8 wounds to the right leg
    Shocking: (1d100)[60] - failed! Stunned for 4 turns.

    Norton readies a hand cannon and takes a half move Ďnorthí. Is he heading for the main door, or is he following the Constantine Representative?

    Finally, the Beast House Handlers get their turns.

    Firstly, I shoulda rolled at the end of their last turn to see who broke out of pinning. Going clockwise around the room:
    (1d100)[56] - still pinned
    (1d100)[28] - still pinned
    (1d100)[78] - free!
    (1d100)[82] - still pinned

    If he is still alive, the wounded guy behind the glasswolf cages will ready his stub pistol and fire at the dangling ganger above. -20 to the shot if heís Pinned.
    (1d100)[94] (+10 short range, -20 Pinned) - miss

    His chum on the other side of the glasswolf cages adds his shotgun to that effort. Half action Aim, fire.
    (1d100)[60] (+10 short range, +10 Aim, -20 Pinned) - miss

    On the other side of the auction room, the guy with his back to the wall leans around the corner and tries to shotgun the ganger who fired full auto at Grum in the back. Aim, fire.
    (1d100)[29] (+10 short range, +10 Aim, -20 Pinned?) - hit
    (1d10+4)[14] - that's gotta hurt. +1 crit to the body. However, I have forgotten the ganger's dodge. Let's roll that below.

    His friend behind the Ambull cage readies his stub pistol and returns fire on the ceiling ganger above him.
    (1d100)[6] (+10 short range, -20 Pinned) - hit (body)
    (1d10+3)[6] - soaked

    Thatís the last of the ones who might still be Pinned; on to the other two.

    Kyrie takes a second Half Action to aim (bringing it up to a full aim) and shoots the ceiling ganger above her.
    (1d100)[60] (+10 short range, +20 full aim, +10 Accurate) - hit with one degree of success to spare.
    Additional damage rolls: (1d10)[1], (1d10)[2]
    9 wounds to the head.

    if {Grum != Down}{
    The handler in front of the stage charges Millie.
    (1d100)[88] - misses, even though she's stunned.
    Damage: (2d5+3)[6] (hooray for Bolo knives)
    He fires his stub pistol at her on semi-auto.
    Damage: (1d10+3)[8], (1d10+3)[8], (1d10+3)[8]


    If Millieís dodge roll was not used against Grum, it will apply here.