Major rules…

• Negative numbers count as 0 in everything apart form attributes
• When determining a characters basic attributes STR and INT are the same yet one is negative and one is positive and the same is for CON and DEX.


Height: 1.7m+5CONcm

HP: 10+CON

Movement speed: 0.5DEX+1 m/s x2 per turn (negative counts as 0)

Weight: 52 kg +/- 2 kg per 5cm over/under 1.7m

Special Movement:

Jump Height: movement speed in metres vertically

Climb speed: movement speed in metres vertically (if strength check is successful)

Fighting system…

Hit: d6+INT vs. Dodge

Dodge: d6+DEX vs. Hit

Damage: [W]+STR/DEX vs. Block + armour

Block: [S]+CON vs. Damage

Grab: d6+STR vs. Dodge

Throw: d6-2+INT


Grabbed: -2 penalty to hit and dodge. Occupy the same space as the character that is grabbing you

Prone: -2 penalty to hit and dodge. You occupy a space equal half of your height


Rules: If an object is less than (STR x 10)kg you can throw it 2m if it is less than (STR x 5)kg then you can throw it 3m unless object rules specify otherwise.


Rules: depending on the style of game you are playing, you start off with a certain number of tier 1 and tier 2 characters and usually 1 leader character. Any of these characters may gain hero 1 by completing one heroic action and Hero 2 by completing a second. Each time you kill an enemy you get a certain amount of currency style points, which can be spent on many things in the interludes between battles. You can spend these points on upgrading you characters to Tier 2 and raising a character to the rank of leader

Tier 1: 3 basic feats
Tier 2: +1 basic feat
Hero 1: +1 heroic feat
Hero 2: +1 heroic feat
Leader: +1 Leader feat

Char. Sheet (ex.)…

Name: solder 1
Unit: red squad
HP: 29 (+2 feat bonus =31)
Speed: 2 squares per turn
Hight: 1.8m
Weight: 56kg
Base Feat. Total
INT 4 4
STR -4 +2 -2
CON 2 2
DEX -2 +2 0

Item use…

Rules: certain items require a certain strength level to carry. Certain Item requires a certain intelligence level to use and some very special items require a certain feat to use.

Basic feats…

• +2 INT
• +2 STR
• +2 CON
• +2 DEX
• +4 HP
• +3 movement speed
• Able to make counter attack with a -3 penalty to hit after a successful close range dodge (requires 4 DEX)
• +3 grab bonus (requires STR 3)
• +3 Jump Height (requires DEX 3)
• +4 Climb Checks (requires STR 2 DEX 2)

Skill checks…

Rules: All obscure actions require a d6 dice check (DC) in a related attribute to see if a character has completed it. These check are either Easy=DC2 Medium=DC3 or Hard=DC.



• Dagger (dam 1) OH
• Sword Axe (dam 3) OH require -2 strength
• Spear (dam 2) reach 1
• Curved blade (dam 2) no counter penalty
• Great sword axe (dam 5) requires 2 STR