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Alright. So, I'm willing to run a plot with Earth Kindgom/Southern Water tribe extremists launching attacks on colonies and Fire Nation citizens because they think Fire Nation is "getting off easy". Who would be willing to be in this plot? Mind you, I think we should have a couple of plots with a few characters each. Nothing's stopping someone from having two or more characters, each in a different plot.
That could tie in quite well with Sosumi's backstory. Count me in.

Also, I've got an idea for an earthbender character who also has a punny name. Have a look.


Name: Wai Mi.

Nation: Earth Kingdom.

Description: Wai Mi is a small, stocky girl in her mid-teens, with dark skin, long, scraggly black hair and sharp green eyes. Her outfit is a simple green robe in poor repair.

Personality: Wai Mi is dedicated and defiantly optimistic. No matter how bad her luck gets, she's determined to find a way. She's friendly and eager to please, but can be careless as well.

Abilities: Wai Mi has some self-taught earthbending skills. While she lacks proper training, she can still pull off a few good tricks.

Backstory: An orphan raised by an unsuccessful cabbage merchant, Wai Mi grew up to become an unsuccessful merchant as well. Armed with her earthbending and a strong will, she has wandered the Earth Kingdom for the past few years, battling bandits, getting cheated, and falling victim to other kinds of bad luck. So far, she's barely managed to make a living through her trading. Still, she's willing to keep trying until things turn around for her, no matter how long it takes.

Relationships: None yet.