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    Default Re: The Post-Kickstarter Discussion Thread: Bask in the Afterglow

    Quote Originally Posted by SamEskenazi View Post
    I'm so sad :(

    Every time I see a Kickstarted update, I die a little more inside.

    I heard aobut the kickstarter, and desperatly wanted to contribute; I wanted the free stuff of course, but I also wanted to help Rich and his wonderful francise out by chipping in.

    So, I began saving money. Then, a water bill came. So I paid it with the kickstarter money. Then, I saved some more. And more. Then, I had to spend it again.

    Then, I finally have money together to make a good contribution! Then I realize the drive is finished :(

    I'm just going to have to buy the books when they get put on the store instead, but still :( I wish I could've contributed. Why did I have to get paid an entire month late! WHY?!

    So, anyway, that's my sad tale.

    I hope there will be the possibility for people, who were unable to contribute through Kickstarter, to get some of the rewards (especially the PDFs)
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