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    Default Re: The Post-Kickstarter Discussion Thread: Bask in the Afterglow

    Quote Originally Posted by SamEskenazi View Post
    I'm so sad :(

    Every time I see a Kickstarted update, I die a little more inside.

    I heard aobut the kickstarter, and desperatly wanted to contribute; I wanted the free stuff of course, but I also wanted to help Rich and his wonderful francise out by chipping in.

    So, I began saving money. Then, a water bill came. So I paid it with the kickstarter money. Then, I saved some more. And more. Then, I had to spend it again.

    Then, I finally have money together to make a good contribution! Then I realize the drive is finished :(

    I'm just going to have to buy the books when they get put on the store instead, but still :( I wish I could've contributed. Why did I have to get paid an entire month late! WHY?!

    So, anyway, that's my sad tale.
    In the future, keep in mind that you don't have to pay at the time you pledge. You are only charged at the end of the project, and if you used a credit card you gave yourself another few weeks to drum up the money.

    Also, the digital content is available to all backers, so even a $10 contribution would have gotten you all that. You could have used the $10 pledge as a placeholder, and come back and raise it later if and when you find the cash.

    Oh well, hindsight.
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