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The new pro strat in ZvT is Queen-broodlord with infestor support. Gas goes into broodlords and infestors; minerals into queens. Queens tank ground fire, provide cover for infestors, heal fliers, and do tons of damage to any vikings that stray too close.

I saw leenock do this at MLG last year, and it was AWESOME and UNSTOPPABLE. Now, my question is, why has it taken so long for the meta game to change? Was ghost nerf necessary first? Does queen range 5 buff mean that reactor hellion and bunker rush can't pressure zerg early game, allowing them to drone up much faster?

Lastly, what does terran do in response? Drop more? Get hunter seeker missile tech path when spire is scouted (before hive tech, obviously, otherwise too late)?

Late game zergs seem really, really vulnerable to harass- why dont we see more spine crawler/spore crawler defenses at expos? Zerg tend to float a lot of minerals and often have a larvae deficiency when trying to remax. 4 marauders or 8 marines (3/3 with stim) dropping out of a medivac will burn a hatchery very quickly.
There is a Day9 daily for this. Hunter seekers are definitely the answer.

I'm really excited to see this terran metal vs slowest zerg army every. I may have to play some more to actually test it out.

Also weekly session is TODAY!