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I know, I watched it. I also watched a lot of actual terran pros talk about it, and they were of the opinion that HS was an answer, but a very impractical one.

To me it just sounded like butthurt terrans upset that they couldn't just build only marines all game and still win, but what do I know.
The funny part is that ravens are also terrans' best hope for limiting the massive creep spread we're seeing from zerg going for mass queens (which is all of the smart ones).

Considering that science vessels were a TvZ staple back in Brood War, I think we shouldn't be surprised if Terrans start to use a lot of Ravens soon. The creep spread metagame is only going to force more detection out of Terrans, and one of these days they're going to realize that they already have a ton of air and a brief tech lab swap will pay off in a big way.