Vir-Sashi looks at Grubnub, then looks at the bodies, then at the room. He now notices what he haven't seen before. None of the goblins had any scars or wounds, other than those delivered by him and the others. How could it be they suffered no damage in the battle that must have took place here? And all these damage, crashed doors, ripped stairs - small creatures couldn't do that.
"They didn't do this." He says, shocked, letting Grubnub free. Then he alls on his knees.

He failed. He forgotten all his master's teachings. Haven't he warned him about dangers of jumping to the conclusions? Haven't he told him about observation and keeping cool mind? He had left his bestial nature loose again and innocents have paid. He had striken them in rage and he killed them.


He suddenly jumps back on his feet and runs to the closest dying goblin.
"We may still save them. Help me!" He yells as he desperately tries to treat the wounds of the goblin, ripping his clothes to use them as bandages. He needs to make it right. He must save them!

Heal check (1d20+3)[15]