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Thread: Number of Character Appearances IV

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    What about...

    We count all of these representations of the character as a character appearance (and not just as an alteration), even though it's not the physical body of the character making an appearance. We always have, since well before I was the one doing the tracking.

    And yes, we counted Belkar's poorly made disguise as Shojo.

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    Q. What counts as an appearance?

    A. Any likeness of the character being visible (so Elan's appearance on Nale's blueprint counts, and Belkar's self-portrait in blood counts) and any dialog from a character, even if "off-panel" or invisible (so the strip where the party is in the invisibility sphere counts for each of the main characters). Also, when someone appears as someone else (for instance when Nale impersonates Elan), that counts as an appearance for both the character in disguise and the character being impersonated.
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    Here is a numbering of all character appearances in OOTS